Smartphone waterproof Cases and Pouchs

TecnoGlobe's smartphone protection range made up waterproof, shock-proof covers and pouchs allowing bikers and cyclists to easily and safely use iPhone or Smartphone apps on 2 wheels trips.

Smartphone waterproof Cases and Pouchs  There are 7 products.


  • TIGRA Mount Case

    Discover the range mounts TIGRA Case, they stand out with a totally different approach than we had with our TG Bike Console. The idea is to adapt the security level of your smartphone / iPhone depending on the environment of use, risk or exposure of your device. One case for every mount to securely twist-lock your device always within easy acces or anywhere you want to attach your phone safely.

  • TIGRA Accessories

    Discover all accessories to complete your TIGRA Sport solution, our accessories range compatibel with Version FIT-CLIC, ArmorGuard or Power Plus, TecnoGlobe have solutions for each users, whatever their requirements.

  • Power supply solutions
  • SHAPEHEART smartphone...

    SHAPEHEART is innovative motorcycle smartphone covers manufacturer. SHAPEHEART pouch is suitable majority Smartphones and iPhones on the market, it design guarantees your precious device be perfectly protected but also maintained by powerful magnet on motorcycle trips

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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