Equipment Inst@ll Service

Call a specialist for fitting your technological equipments.

You can choose to entrust your equipement’s installation.

We provide TecnoGlobe’s electronic antitheft installation, prices shown (Installation included) issuing a certificate to your insurance company.

We are certified DAINESE D-Air Street to electronic Air Bag protection installation and maintenance.


To all TECNOGLOBE’s Customers,

We thank you for your trust and offer installation on many items in our catalog, you will recognize them by the "Free Installation" mention.

Free installation and Online Installation Prices valid for all web-site www.tecnoglobe.beorders and also products purchased in store in TecnoGlobe Center’s on the list.

For all other cases, we reserve the right to cancel or increase installation prices.

Installation is carried by appointment in our workshop Viesville only.

You just ordered product listed Free Mounting or Mount incl.

... you acquired a DAINESE D-Air Street equipment.

Or entrust installation of our catalog's product ?!


First all thanks and congratulations for your choice.


To avail of our installation services, nothing is more simple.

Just check the TecnoGlobe Availability Calendar, select your wish in the context menu and propose an appointment date that will be confirmed by mail return.

An appointment will be made with a qualified specialist.

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