We started the marketing of motorcycle GPS in 2006. At the time the TomTom Enterprise had realized a GPS had its place on the handlebars of a motorcycle and the result of this collaboration was the marketing of the TomTom RIDER V2. Thereafter, the equally famous firm Garmin has understood the advantages of entrusting its products motorcycle specialists biker community. Today we are proud to have earned the trust of these two giants such as TomTom & Garmin.

The proliferation of these Technological wonders that are Smart phones have given us the desire to allow bikers to use on their motorcycles. As both, GPS, GSM and MP3 player, these are all ones waiting for a case and a perfectly suitable and sufficiently reliable attachment system to be usable riding a motorcycle.

Professional use of the bike and need to remain contactable has given birth to the first hands-free kits for helmets, the famous: Scala Rider. At the request of our customers, Bluetooth devices have intercom communication between bikers and a host of other multimedia features. Since the beginning, we trust CARDO Systems. You should know that this dynamic company works exclusively serving bikers. Do not go further to be convinced that Scala Rider can give satisfaction!

Shoot his exploits, a souvenir, which needs not new and TECNOGLOBE didn't invent course ... However, leveraging the experience of our GPS Motorcycle sealing material, resistance to vibration and other constraints, we offer a selection of cameras that give satisfaction.

The electronic lock was the idea that gave birth to TECNOGLOBE, following have known. It is not by chance that we are since 1994 the reference of insurance companies for your choice of electronic protection.

"See and be seen", a slogan relayed by many media, and yet we were the first to offer kits for riders to benefit from innovations reserved for cars. The Xenon technology gives more place to LED without replacing it, for this reason we offer the choice of lighting that fits your needs.

TECNOGLOBE is the experience of a team of Parisian bikers serving wholes bikers, and in Paris there is no warmer than Belgium. So thinking of our frozen fingers that we have developed our range of heating accessories. Grips, seats and heated sleeves are all facilities that are good when and where it is needed. This is no longer a LUXURY keep warm, finished numb hands and body frozen by the cold.

This is the range of accessories that are so lacking in the Biker world. All these little things that the manufacturer has not thought to install on your bike ... The accessory that's missing when you get motorcycle, remove your helmet and gloves ... TECNOGLOBE is there to think.

- Created BY INFOBEMA -