Silverback Xtreme Cleaner - One Liter
  • Silverback Xtreme Cleaner - One Liter

Silverback Xtreme Cleaner - One Liter


Silverback SBX1 Xtreme Clean : A cleaning gel developed by bikers for bikers.

Packaging one liter : 11,99 Incl.

SILVER BACK Motorbikes Cleaner Belgium

Various format available :

- Economic format 5 liters: 29.95 incl. that 5,99 Incl. by liter

- 25-liters professional format: 99.99 incl. that 3,99 Incl. by liter


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Silverback Xtreme Cleaner - Motorbike cleaning gel ...

FORMAT One liter

SILVERBACK : Maintenance products range developed by motocross experience at service all bikers.

Silverback motorcycle maintenance

Two-wheelers Silverback SBX1 is a cleaning gel with unique composition which will offer incredible result from first wash.

SBX1 Xtreme Vehicle Cleaning Gel composition been developed in response to the maintenance requirements vehicles, motorcycles but also modern scooters and ATVs.

Silverback Xtreme Clean Jungle Gel is both powerful and gentle,

Florotech-Gel formula specially developed to remove extreme dirt while preserving paint, stickers, polished or anodized alu and carbon finishes.

SBX1 Xtreme Clean for motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and luxury cars washing, …

Xtreme cleaner motorbike
Cleaning-gel motorbikes
Powerful motorcycle cleaner

Unlike many competing cleaning products, SBX1 Xtreme Clean does not alter sensitive materials appearance such as aluminum, carbon fiber, rubbers, polymer plastics found on modern machines, motorcycles, high -tech bicycle, Can-Am, Maxi-Scooters and other luxury sports car body parts.

SBX1 Xtreme Clean ecological cleaner,

Florotech-Gel is fully biodegradable, SBX1 Xtreme Clean is non-caustic and without conventional tensioactif compounds to preserve nature.

Xtreme cleaner motor
Gel nettoyant motot
Nettoyant moto puissant

Florotech-Gel is available in five liters and twenty-five liters packaging allowing sprayer reuse.

Silverback is economical cleaner,

Xtreme Clean Motorcycle shampoo is thicker gel than most vehicle cleaners, allowing it to cling on surface to penetrate deeply and dissolve dirt with minimal product.

Five and twenty-five liter containers allow to make significant savings by managing Silverback sprayer filling yourself.

Multi-purpose cleaning product,

Biodegradable 'Florotech-Gel' formula developed in UK following strict environmental standards which free it from conventional cleaning agents, Silverback SBX1 Xtreme Clean is maintenance product can be used on most surfaces, including carbon fiber, aluminum, metals, rubbers and plastics.


Why and how to use your Silverback Jungle Gel SB1 Xtreme Clean ?

• Florotech gel clings to dirt

• Designed for two-wheelers and motor vehicles

• Premium formula goes further for less waste

• Can be used on most materials

• Simple and fast application !

Recommended for use on :

• Metals

• Textured plastics

• Painted surfaces

• Carbon fibers

• Rubbers


STEP 1: Rinse with clean water to remove mud and other coarse dirt.

STEP 2: Adjust spray nozzle according to surface to be cleaned.

STEP 3: Spray SILVERBACK Jungle Gel evenly

STEP 4: Spread gel on surface with a soft brush

STEP 5: Allow Florotech Gel to penetrate dirt for three-five minutes

STEP 6: Rinse thoroughly with clear water

STEP 7: For Ultra Shine finish, apply SILVERBACK care cream (available separately).

In addition to accentuating shine and depth of your paintwork, SILVERBACK care cream deposits protective film that shields dirt and other splashes.

Silverback motorcycle maintenance

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