tecnoglobe relay kit
  • tecnoglobe relay kit
  • tecnoglobe relay kit

Wiring harness with relay


Pre-wired harness with special canbus motorcycle relay.

Kit with relay for multiplexed motorcycle.

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Pre-wired motorcycle electrical harness with TecnoGlobe relay

TecnoGlobe relay harness is essential complement to mounting additional light on BMW Motorrad, quad, Can Am or other brand multiplexed motorcycle.

Ideal for mounting headlights on BMW motorcycles.

This pre-wired harness allows installation additional light kit without displaying an error code risk on the dashboard, loss motorcycle electrical stability  or connection error.

Pre-wired harness with relay for motorcycle.

Our relay harness is fully pre-wired and equipped with keyed termination plugs to simplify TecnoGlobe additional connection headlight kits to motorcycle.

Fully waterproof special motorcycle harness.

Pre-wired harness, relay carrier, relay as well as the extension cable with 5-pin connection are fully waterproof to eliminate any risk of short circuit, connection error, meet the requirements for use in heavy rain and intensive cleaning of your motorcycle, quad, Can Am.

Harness with special canbus motorcycle relay.

Our harness with relay is specially dedicated to  additional headlights installation on BMW Motorrad, KTM, Ducati, Guzzi and other motorcycles, quads, Can Am canbus multiplexed motorcycles, thus eliminating any risk of code display error.

Pre-wired harness with 12VDC 30A/40A 5-pin SPDT Bosch type relay with 16AWG 14AWG

Technical specifications of the TecnoGlobe beam:

Waterproof relay and relay holder - 12 volts DC (max. 14 V) 5-pin Bosch SPDT type.

NOTE: 12V and 14V is the coil voltage and not the minimum voltage needed to close the relay.

High resistance 16/14 AWG wiring harness:

Black - Earth 16AWG (85)

Red - VDC 14AWG (30)

White - Trigger 16AWG (86)

Yellow - 14AWG (87a) N/C Output

Blue - Output N/O 14AWG (87)

Diagram of installation tecnoglobe relay kit

High Switching Capacity 40/30A - Max. 40 A contact switching capacity, 40 A/14 V DC normally open and 30 A/14 V DC normally closed. Application standards for automotive headlights, fog lights, windshield wipers, starters, fans, traction control systems, etc.

Excellent waterproof performance, high quality in all weathers.

Easy connection wiring (Plug-and-Play) and eyelet for battery terminal - The sockets are equipped with quick connectors with keying and wires of different colors for possible modification of the pre-wiring by the customer. Metal mounting tab on the relay for easy installation.

Harness kit with relay including:

5-pin waterproof relay and relay holder

5 cable harness with waterproof male connector

5-cable extension with waterproof female connector and terminations with insulated quick connectors.

Keyboards for SWITCH switch connection and power supplies to ADD/LED headlights, positive and negative connection eyelets to the battery.

Technical specifications:

Coil voltage: 12VDC

Coil current: 160 mA

Switching voltage: 14VDC max

High switching capacity 40A / 30A

14 AWG and 16 AWG wiring

Current contact current:

- NO 40A 14V DC

- NC 30A 14V DC

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ +125 degrees C (non-condensing)

Initial contact resistance (at 6VDC 1A): 50mΩ¸ Max.

Initial insulation resistance: 100 MΩ¸ Min. (DC500V)

Initial dielectric strength:

- Between open contacts: AC500V, 50/60 Hz 1Min.

- Between coil and contact: AC500V, 50/60 Hz 1Min.

Endurance (operations):

- Mechanical (at 7,200 ops/h): 10,000,000

- Electric (at 600 ops./h): 100,000


Extremely easy to install, the po relay harness kit


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