History :

Paris 1994, conviction something new must be brought for motorcyclists gives birth TECNOGLOBE.

Immediate enthusiasm for our technological products quickly enabled TECNOGLOBE expand throughout France.

Experience gained by imposing Parisian motorcycle fleet and products reliability makes our electronic anti-theft the insurance company’s reference.

Innovations brought motorcycles world very quickly seduced Belgian public and to ask specific expects, TECNOGLOBE Belgium entity was created.

Today, TECNOGLOBE Belgium is guardian of entrepreneurial spirit propelled our brand since France / Benelux to European level and which now opens up to motorcyclists over the world.

TECNOGLOBE is visionary brand who continues in its founders philosophy respect.


Motorcycle and bikers high-tech equipment’s :

TECNOGLOBE researches, develops, manufactures and markets high-tech products for motorcyclists comfort and safety.

We exclusively collaborate with market leaders, whether for products manufacturing or renowned brands marketing.

Our products selection is teamwork result, based on very strict specifications; this selection is YOUR guarantee of satisfaction.

Already well-known brands included in our catalog understood added value importance that we bring to their notoriety.

TECNOGLOBE in add to quality label is registered trademark and experienced technicians team at motorcyclist service.