General terms and conditions

Dear Customer,

TecnoGlobe wishes to maintain good relations with its customers.
Thank you for your confidence and note that we take your rights seriously. The conditions of sale as mentioned give you a clear and precise overview of all your rights, but also of your obligations. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
TecnoGlobe is established in Belgium in 6230 Pont-à-Celles (VIE), Nivelles 68.
The sales conditions below apply to the sale of all items listed on the TecnoGlobe site.

1. Definitions

The following terms used in these terms and conditions have the following meaning:

1.1 "Tecno Globe": also acting under the trade name "TecnoGlobe", with registered offices located in Belgium, B-6230 Pont-à-Celles, chaussée de Nivelles 68/A, registered with the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises under the CBE number 877 057 667 and with VAT number BE 0877 057 667 RPM Charleroi.

1.2 "Client": means every natural person who orders and purchases a product via the Website, as defined in article 1.3 of these general terms and conditions.

1.3 "Website": means the website managed by TecnoGlobe through which products are offered for sale, namely

1.4 "Products": means the products that are offered for sale to the Clients by TecnoGlobe via the Website.

Purpose and scope of the general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions set below are the terms and conditions of sales that are applicable to online sales via the Website These general terms and conditions aim at determining the terms and conditions of sale applicable between TecnoGlobe and the Client, and therefore determine the steps to be taken in order to place an order and ensure the follow up of said order between the contracting parties.

These general terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements entered into between TecnoGlobe and the Client, when the latter places his order via the Website.

Without prejudice to the application of any special conditions contained in a separate written agreement, these general terms and conditions apply to all offers made on the Website or to any agreement entered into between TecnoGlobe and the Client via the Website. In case of contradiction between these general terms conditions and any other separate written agreement, the provisions contained in said separate written agreement are valid unless otherwise indicated.

It can be derogated from one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions only if general terms and conditions remain applicable.

2. Order and conclusion of the agreement

The Client always has to read the general sales conditions applicable to online sales and to confirm that he accepts these general conditions, otherwise he cannot finalize his order. Offers are valid until stock is depleted. The agreement is concluded as from the moment the order confirmation is sent by email to the email address provided by the Client.

3. Price

All prices are expressed in Euro’s and include VAT, Recupel and all other relevant costs.

Special offers are only valid until stock is depleted.

The Client has to pay to TecnoGlobe the price that TecnoGlobe notified to the Client at the moment of the order confirmation. Obvious (operational) mistakes in the quotation, such as obvious inaccuracies, can be corrected by TecnoGlobe even after the conclusion of the agreement.

4. Performance of the agreement: payment

Orders placed via the Website can be paid by one of the following forms of payment:

Creditcard (VISA, MasterCard)

BanContact / mister cash/ Maestro



Cash - Cheque

Bank wire

In the future, TecnoGlobe may extend the forms of payment. These other forms of payment will be made public via the Website.

In order to guarantee the security of your payment and of your personal data, the transaction data encrypted using SSL technology are sent over the internet. In order to pay TecnoGlobe with SSL you do not need special software. You will recognize the safe SSL-connection by means of the "lock" in the bottom bar of your browser.

If the Client decides to pay by credit card, the terms and conditions of the issuer of the credit card will apply. TecnoGlobe is not a party to the relation between the Client and the issuer of the credit card.

In case of non-payment or late payment by the Client, the Client owes TecnoGlobe interests on the outstanding amount, at the legal interest rate, calculated from the day on which the payment should have occurred until the day of complete payment

All (extra) judicial costs of any kind that TecnoGlobe will have to bear due to a breach by the Client to his (payment) obligations will be charged to the Client.

In case of late payment, TecnoGlobe will have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend (further) delivery until the Client has fully fulfilled his payment obligations, including the payment of the interests and costs owed.

5. Execution of the agreement: delivery and delivery time and workshop service.

Orders are delivered as soon as possible. In principle, concerning orders that have been placed on a working day before 4 p.m., TecnoGlobe commits itself to send said orders after 4 days. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the ultimate delivery term is thirty (30) days as from the day following the day on which the Client has received the order confirmation from TecnoGlobe

In case the Client orders a product that is temporarily out of stock, the Client will be informed when the product will be available again. TecnoGlobe commits itself to contact the Client by e-mail or telephone within three working days in order to inform him from the delay.

Deliveries take place at the address given by the client at the moment of the conclusion of the agreement.

As soon as the products are delivered at the delivery address, the risks, with regards to these products, are transferred to the client.

When ordering the article reference "Approved alarm TG2005 / 2 including assembly", TecnoGlobe undertakes to install, in accordance with the rules of art, any electronic anti-theft device making it possible to meet both the criteria issued by the insurance companies (engine shutdown, audible and visual alarm, detection of lifting and automatic arming) as well as the specific space constraints of the applicant's vehicle.

Customer requests installation and / or workshop service under his full responsibility. Customer thus disclaims TecnoGlobe Benelux sprl and worker all responsibilities in loss factory warranty event or damage to his vehicle and that as soon as he crosses the property at Chaussée de Nivelles, 68 in Viesville and even before registration of his vehicle in the workshop register.

6. Duty of care of the Client

The Client who purchases a product via the Website has a general duty of care at the time of the purchase, but also at the receipt and at the assembly of the product. The Client will pay particular care in order to ensure that the products he orders are fully compatible with the use he intends to make of them.

7. Guarantee

Legal guarantee. Pursuant to Articles 1649bis to 1649octies of the Civil Code, TecnoGlobe is liable towards the Client for any lack of conformity which exists at the delivery of the goods and which appears within a period of two years as from the delivery. Any lack of conformity must be notified by the Client to TecnoGlobe by electronic means or by registered mail within a period of 2 months as from the moment the Client noticed the lack of conformity. In the absence of such notice to TecnoGlobe within said period, the Client loses his right to introduce a claim against TecnoGlobe for lack of conformity.

The legal guarantee does not cover:

Normal wear;

Replacing consumables (exemple battery);

Internal battery of equipment.

Technician travel costs.

Abnormal or non-conforming use of products. We invite you to consult carefully the operating instructions supplied with the products;

The defects and their consequences related to the use not in conformity with the use for which the product is intended,

Defects and their consequences related to any external cause,

Interventions and repairs carried out on the product by third parties.

Factors that aren’t under the control of TecnoGlobe and for which TecnoGlobe cannot take responsibility, such as (and without being limited to):

-Changes that have been made to the product;

-Defects resulting from the inappropriate use of the product, the wrongful assembly of the product by the Client, negligence, vandalism, damages, transfer of ownership, ...

-Defects resulting from repairs made without the prior approval of TecnoGlobe or the manufacturer.

Customer solely responsible its equipment installation and periodic verification. By verification, means control of tightening screws as well over time maintenance of assemblies by gluing, Velcro, elastic exposed to bad weather and other degradation of materials due, for example, solar exposure ultra-violet type .

After the expiry of the period of two years of the legal guarantee as provided for in the first paragraph of Article 8.1, the provisions of Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code relating to the legal guarantee against hidden defects of the product sold are applicable and the Client benefits from said legal guarantee against hidden defects if the hidden defect existed at the time of delivery, provided that said hidden defect makes the product unfit for its intended use or reduces its use significantly. The Client has to notify TecnoGlobe any hidden defect via registered mail within 10 calendar days after the Client has noted it or should normally have noted it.

8. Right of withdrawal

The Client has a right of withdrawal, which may be exercised during a period of fifteen (15) calendar days after the delivery of the product. The Client can exercise his right of withdrawal without penalty and without justifications.

The Client cannot exercise his right of withdrawal for the following goods: CD rom, connceted products, programmed remote control or other similar products whose the seal is broken or software for which binding product registration has been fulfilled.

Both the right of withdrawal and the guarantee "satisfied or refunded" can be exercised only under the following conditions: the returned item must be in its new, complete and in its original packaging. TecnoGlobe may refuse to take back an item and return it if the product has been used, mount, scratch or damaged by the customer.

The returned item must be ready for re-sale. The returned item must be labeled with all labels. We advise you to remove the protective labels and films only when you are certain that you will not be asked to return them.

For products which, by their very nature, cannot be returned or that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly, withdrawals are only accepted within fifteen (15) calendar days after the delivery of the product provided that it remained unused.

When the Client exercises his right of withdrawal, all attached documentation, guarantees and packaging materials must also be returned. All returns have to take place according to the procedure foreseen by TecnoGlobe.

If the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal, TecnoGlobe will reimburse by a voucher the sums paid by the Customer within thirty (30) days of the withdrawal, free of charge, provided that the products subject to the withdrawal are returned within fifteen (15) days. TecnoGlobe will use the same form of payment for the refund purchase amount excluding shipping costs as the one used by the Client.

Except intra-community or professional invoicing with VAT number for which the right of withdrawal is not applicable.

TecnoGlobe is not liable in any way for any damage, theft or loss included, caused to the product or its packaging during its return.

9. Retention of title

Notwithstanding the actual delivery, the ownership of a product will be transferred to the Client after the latter has fully paid the amount owed for this product, including interests and costs.

The Client is not allowed to encumber, sell, deliver or transfer the product as long as the ownership of said product has not been transferred to him.

10. Limitation of TecnoGlobe’ liability

It is possible that TecnoGlobe will mention on its Website links to other websites that might be interesting or instructive for the visitor. These links are purely informative. TecnoGlobe is not responsible for the content or the use of the websites it refers to.

It is up to the customer to question his dealer and defend his decision to install one of our equipment, TecnoGlobe can not be held responsible for an exclusion of warranty under the pretext of electrical connection (for example alarm system, heated grips ...)

Products on this site not necessarily certified. Buyer is only responsible and must verify open road use legality of product ordered.

Subject to contrary legal provisions, TecnoGlobe declines any liability for damages caused to persons or property in the context of the agreement, as well as for any damage resulting from a defect affecting the products manufactured or sold by the manufacturer. The Client will be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of the products and will indemnify TecnoGlobe from and against any claim that could be initiated by third parties.

11. Force Majeure

In case of force majeure, TecnoGlobe does not have to comply with its obligations towards the Client. In case the force majeure is temporary, TecnoGlobe is entitled to suspend its obligations throughout the duration of the force majeure.

Force Majeure means: any circumstance beyond the control of TecnoGlobe that partly or fully prevents the latter from complying with its obligations towards the Client. Amongst these circumstances are: strikes, fire, operational disruptions, power failure, (telecommunication) network or connection or used communication systems outage and/or the unavailability of the Website at a certain point in time, the non-delivery or late delivery by a supplier or any other third party involved, and the absence of any license issued by the authorities.

12. Intellectual property

The Client expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights related to the information provided, to communications or other statements concerning the products and / or the Website are the property of TecnoGlobe, its suppliers or other beneficiaries.

The term "intellectual property" includes patents, copyrights, trademark rights, design rights and/or any other (intellectual property) rights, amongst which patentable or non-patentable techniques and / or business know-how, methods and concepts.

The Client cannot use or amend the intellectual property rights described in this Article, such as reproduction without the express prior written approval of TecnoGlobe, its suppliers or other beneficiaries, unless it solely consists of a private use of the product itself.

Processing of personal data

In the context of the order process, the conclusion and the performance of the contract, TecnoGlobe will collect personal data concerning the Client. The personal data that will be collected from the Client are the following: Name, address, telephone number, email, payment details.

The Client expressly authorizes TecnoGlobe to process the personal data referred to in Article 14.1 in accordance to the conditions set out in said Article.

The personal data of the Client shall be processed in accordance to the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regards to the processing of personal data.

The personal data provided by the Client will be processed for the following purposes: execution of orders, billing of orders, payments of orders, follow-up of orders, commercial offers in case of specific offers.

The Client agrees that his personal data will be communicated to partners of TecnoGlobe in order to properly process an order placed with TecnoGlobe.

The Client has a right of inspection and rectification with regards to his personal data. The right of inspection and rectification can be exercised free of charge, by sending an email to the following email address: and after identification of the person concerned.

TecnoGlobe takes all reasonable measures in order to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of the Client. However, the Client expressly acknowledges that the collecting of personal data through the Website is not without risk. The Client accepts that he can never have a claim against TecnoGlobe for any damage he might suffer due to the illegal use of his personal data by third parties who have not obtained the authorization to do so.

13. Various provisions

TecnoGlobe can be contacted at the following address

chaussée de Nivelles 68
B-6230 Pont-à-Celles (VIE)
Fax : 071/85.19.78

The TecnoGlobe customers service is open for information from 8.30 till 17.30:

-Belgium: 071/85.19.80

In the event that any provision of these general terms and conditions would be illegal, null or unenforceable for whatever reason, said provision shall be deemed independent from the other provisions of these general terms and conditions. The illegality, the invalidity or the unenforceability of said provision will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

TecnoGlobe reserves its right to amend or supplement these general terms and conditions at any time. The latest version of the amended and/or supplemented general terms and conditions will be the one available on the Website.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The agreement entered into between TecnoGlobe and the Client is exclusively governed by Belgian law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or the application of this agreement falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the judicial district of Charleroi, unless the law prescribes the mandatory jurisdiction of another court.