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Motorcycle alarm specialist since more than 25 years, TecnoGlobe is proud to introduce Patrolline. Our two brands are now united to offer motorcyclists the best in fight against motorcycles, scooters and quads vandalism and theft. TecnoGlobe & Patrolline is offering each biker the alarm that suits his motorbike.

TecnoGlobe Patrolline, the risk-free alarm for manufacturer's warranty.

With Patrolline range, TecnoGlobe democratizes motorbikes safety.

Patrolline and TecnoGlobe offer everyone opportunity to protect their motorcycle.

Discover Patrolline alarms category on our tecnoglobe sales website.

On motorcycle day or night, in the city or in the countryside, Patrolline and tecnoglobe ensure security against motorcycle theft everywhere and in all weathers.

Are you looking for reliable motorcycle alarm approved by your insurance company ? With Patrolline, tecnoglobe offers wide range of alarms to protect your motorcycle against theft.

Patrolline and Tecnoglobe do more than protect your motorcycle. With our services, you will have,

Free support and assistance with technician.

Certificate motorcycle alarm installation for your insurance company.

3-year warranty with long-term protection.

Our alarm technology requires no maintenance and has no impact on your motorcycle's manufacturer's warranty.

Total protection thanks to audible alarms and GPS trackers

Our alarms are made in Italy and buy directly from the manufacturer

Installation is specific to each motorcycle with wiring for each model.

Here are our best-selling approved motorcycle alarms

PatrolSat 4G is a new generation satellite alarm for motorcycles. PatrolSat 4G is a self-managed satellite motorcycle locator that sends alarm notifications directly to your cell phone without any subscription to an operations center. This is a device for motorcycles which allows the user to immediately and reliably obtain the position of their motorcycle. This GPS tracker is available with universal wiring for connection to your motorcycle. Patrolsat 4G is capable of receiving and executing commands sent by SMS from your smartphone. It is possible to request the vehicle's position in real time, lock and unlock the motorcycle engine and store up to 3 phone numbers in the calendar to receive SMS notifications from the tracker itself.

Additionally, by communicating the IMEI code of the PatrolSat 4G, the customer's email address and the number of the inserted SIM card to Patrolline Group, the customer has the possibility to access movement control through the Get Position application or via a browser.

Hps930 is a fully automatic, programmable, self-powered audible motorcycle alarm that adapts to all user needs.

This audible motorcycle alarm adapts to the vehicle's original immobilizer system and does not require radio commands for activation and deactivation.


Installation of the alarm is simplified thanks to the use of a plug and play harness, this special wiring is made with the same connectors as those on your motorcycle. The Hps930 anti-theft alarm is available with wiring specific to your vehicle model or with universal wiring.

Operation is immediate: after turning off the motorcycle, the alarm is automatically armed and you will have up to 40 seconds before the siren is triggered.

HPS940 is a motorcycle alarm with 2 remote controls. Hps940 is a compact anti-theft device for motorcycles and scooters, radio-controlled and self-powered, equipped with a motor unit and a high-power siren. Installation on the vehicle is simplified by the use of Plug and Play wiring, made with original motorcycle connectors. The alarm is in fact available with specific wiring for your vehicle model or, alternatively, with universal wiring.

The Patrolline Hps940 motorcycle alarm has been designed for those seeking security and looking for easily programmable functions. In fact, use is intuitive and immediate.

This audible motorcycle alarm is made with E.L.C (Extreme Low Consumption) technology which allows you to save energy consumption. The Hps940 audible alarm also makes it possible to signal a dangerous stop or slowdown and failure to turn off a turn signal while driving.

HPS950 is a motorcycle sound alarm with transponder remote control and anti-aggression function. Hps950 is an innovative sound alarm for motorcycles and scooters that also protects while driving thanks to anti-theft and anti-aggression functions. In fact, thanks to the digital identification integrated into the transponder (PDI), the device constantly checks the presence of the authorized driver of the motorcycle.

This motorcycle alarm is the top of the range from Patrolline, it allows the user to choose whether to use the buttons to activate and deactivate the anti-theft device or to place the transponder card in the pocket and let it carry out these operations automatically.

Installation on the vehicle is simplified by the use of PIN to PIN wiring, made with the original connectors of your motorcycle. The Hps950 alarm is in fact available with wiring specific to your motorcycle model or, alternatively, with universal wiring.

For your motorcycle alarm installation.

If you wish to install one of our alarms on your motorcycle, please first create your customer account. In the motorcycle alarms and anti-theft section, you will find all the information necessary to finalize your purchase and make an appointment.

If you prefer, you can of course contact us to plan the installation of your motorcycle alarm in our workshops or in a center closest to you. The tecnoglobe team is available to answer all your questions.

Motorcycle scooter and quad alarms certified by Belgian insurance

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