Motorcycle alarm certified
  • Motorcycle alarm certified
  • Certified motorcycle alarm

Certified motorcycle alarm


Motorcycle alarm certified by your insurance company

Electronic anti-theft device for motorcycles meeting ASSURALIA criteria with installation guarantee that meets both insurance company and motorcycle specifications.

Motorcycle alarmMotorcycle anti-theft France and BelgiumScooter alarm

Home installation possible*


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Compact alarm with shock detection, multifunction remote controls, engine cut-off and powerful self-powered siren.

Ideal bike protection to biker loocking simple and innovative system.

Motorcycle lock TecnoGlobe, the benchmark for insurance companies

Insurance company criterias are:

  • Automatic standby: Components of the immobilizer system preventing vehicle from being started engage automatically when the ignition key is removed.
  • Double engine shutdown: Immobilizer system neutralizes two components necessary for starting the engine. A simple engine stop also allowed as long as it does not concern electric starter.
  • Alarm sounds when lifting and/or towing.
  • Immobilizers neutralization and alarm systems cannot be achieved by ignition key mechanical part alone.

For more than thirty years, SRA NF TecnoGlobe motorcycle alarms have set the benchmark in terms of electronic protection against theft and vandalism of motorcycles and Quads.

Responding to high requirements against theft, our alarms are developed from complex specifications defined by the recognized Automobile Repair Security Association (S.R.A) and approved by all insurance companies.

The reliability and effectiveness of a TecnoGlobe alarm is well established. Evidenced by the impressive fleet of equipped motorcycles and thirty years of good and loyal service that make it the preferred alarm for motorcyclists.

TecnoGlobe & Patrolline, motorcycle alarm evolution story.

Patrolline HPS940: Motorcycle alarm that meets current requirements while preserving your manufacturer's warranty.

  • Self-powered audible and visual alarm.
  • Anti-vandalism protection (shock detection and sensitivity adjustment via remote control).
  • Immobilizer.
  • Passive Anti-Bike-Jacking by transponder card.
  • Automatic reset.
  • Alarm memory.
  • Panic function.
  • Security unlock by backup code.

HPS940: Patrolline motorcycle alarm now available in new, even more user-friendly version .

Ease of use and possible interaction between the rider and his motorcycle were clearly the goal during alarm Patrolline HPS940 motorcycle development.

What are evolutions of Patrolline motorcycle alarm offered by TecnoGlobe ?

Safety during the journey and when stationary.

Motorcycle alarm tecnoglobe Belgium and France
Transponded motorcycle alarm remote control
Alarm for Vespa


Patrolline anti-tamper motorcycle alarm ANTI-SABOTAGE: Alarm activates and switches to autonomous mode when motorcycle's power cables are cut or disconnected.

Motorcycle alarm with anti-lift ANTI-TOWING: Alarm is activated in shocks events, if motorcycle moved, lifted, dragged.

Patrolline motorcycle alarm with engine shutdown ENGINE CUTOUT: HPS950 prevents engine starting by neutralizing motorcycle essential element.

Patrolline alarm with transponder Multifunction remote controls : Remote controls and Cyber Card are pre-programmed to various remote activation functions described below.

Multifunction remote control 

Remote controls motorcycle alarm

and which automatically deactivates the alarm when the owner of the motorcycle approaches!

No need to take off your gloves to press the button. Keep your Cyber Card in your pocket, it is equipped with a transponder which disarms when you approach and rearms when you move away from your motorcycle.

Customizable motorcycle alarm
Motorcycle alarm that recognizes its rider
Maximum security against motorcycle theft

Remote  shock detection adjustment: Motorcycle parked on justifies increasing shock level detection, you can remotely adjust detection sensitivity so that alarm start as soon as motorcycle touched.

Sound volume siren remote adjustment, silent mode and motorcycle location : Motorcycle remains protected, including when parking in quiet areas such as car parks for example. hospitals, you can also easily locate your motorcycle on large parking lot.

Maintenance or Garage mode: Allowing temporary neutralization electronic protection motorcycle during, for example, a maintenance.

Satellite Geolocation: Associate your alarm with one of the satellite geolocation devices in the range PatrolSat and enjoy an additional discount for the combined purchase of two Patrolline systems .

Reminder of forgotten turn signals: This handy function notifies you when your turn signals have remained on after a change of direction.

Warning function: Activates your four indicators in "hazard warning" mode.

Adjustable motorcycle alarm siren
Motorcycle alarm with forgotten turn signal alert
Motorcycle alarm with integrated geolocation
Motorcycle satellite geolocation

Usage functions such as:

  • Reminder of indicators forgotten during your travels.
  • Protection of accessories (top box, saddle, etc.) and perimeter (shutter, garage door, others nearby) via an additional radio module
  • Enable/Disable authorized driver detection
  • Silent Mode
  • Temporary deactivation of shock detection
  • Garage Mode

are customizable according to the requirements of the user or the insurance company.

Great classics have made HPS940 bikers benchmark alarm,

  • Panic function: You can activate your alarm siren from more than 15 meters away if someone threatens the integrity of your motorcycle.
  • Self-powered in the event of a power failure.
  • Motorcycle alarm audible and visual.
  • Cut without transistorized motor without impedance risk for your motorcycle's electronics.
  • Deactivation by emergency code in case of loss of the remote control.
  • Alarm memory, notifies you when you return that your motorcycle's alarm has been triggered.
  • Sleep Mode: In the event of a prolonged shutdown, lasting more than 36 hours, the motorcycle alarm system switches to reduced power consumption to preserve your motorcycle's battery.

*Home assembly possible if covered premises (garage) with lighting and electricity available.

HPS940 approved motorcycle alarm, definitely the new reference for motorcyclists!

Technical characteristics:

  • Power consumption in active mode: < 1.8MhA
  • Built-in self-powered siren: 118 dB
  • Sealing: IP54
  • Dimensions: 78x55x24mm
  • Weight: 120g

Alarm motorbike Patrolline plug and play
Installing motorcycle alarm


Cutting in original wiring new motorcycle is always a source of stress and can lead to manufacturer's warranty loss.

Motorcycles are now multiplexed, inappropriate intervention can create error code or be misinterpreted by motorcycle canbus. In some cases, a simple weld can irreparably disrupt CDI which manages engine parameters.

Plug and Play Patrolline technology is the solution that will save you the inconvenience of an irreversible installation.

Option 1: Choose the wiring specific to your motorcycle by clicking here

- Your installation will be reversible while meeting the criteria of your insurance company as soon as it is installed by your dealer or mechanic.

- Leaves no traces on your motorcycle's wiring harness that could compromise the manufacturer's warranty.

- Pre-wiring compatible with the canbus of multiplexed motorcycles.

Option 2: Choose universal wiring by clicking here

- Your motorcycle is not yet included in the list of specific cables available.

- Your insurance company requires irreversible mounting with the agreement of the manufacturer preserving the warranty.


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