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Pack twenty Visiodry, hydrophobic spray for helmet visor
  • 35 ml rainproof for motorcycle helmet visor
  • Hydrophobic spray 35ml for helmet visor
  • Hyper-dispersing anti-rain spray for perfect visibility on motorbike
  • Pack twenty Visiodry, hydrophobic spray for helmet visor

Visiodry 35ml pack 20, rainproof for motorcycle helmet visor.

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Pack twenty Visiodry 35ml, hydrophobic spray for helmet visor and motorcycle goggles.

Twenty hyper-dispersing anti-rain spray in display for perfect visibility on motorbike, even in worst conditions.


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VISIODRY 35ml, super hydrophobic spray new generation for helmet visors.

VISIODRY 35ml is a new generation super hydrophobic, its rainproof performance is unequaled on glasses lenses, motorcycle helmet visors, camera lenses or rear-view mirrors .

"...water bounces off treated surface without ever wetting it..."

VISIODRY deposits nano-coating with hyper-dispersing power, water bounces off treated surface without ever wetting it and allows you to keep perfect vision even fine rain, which, as bikers know, is actually much more restrictive than heavy downpour.

VISIODRY, the only rain repellent on the market that makes water bounce even when stationary !

Thanks to Visiodry, your visibility will remain perfect at low speed riding, in built-up areas surrounded by other vehicles project dirty water from the road.


  • Aerosol: 35 ml.

Applications for 35 ml:

Visiodry applications for 35ml


  • Non-flammable and non-hazardous product.
  • Stable between -40°C and +50°C.
  • Made in France.
  • ISO 9001 certified.

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